About Us

Welcome to Gold & Grae!

My name is Amy Baldwin, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama where I live with my husband and two children. The Grae in Gold & Grae actually comes from a combination of my children’s names, Griggs and Mae.

The idea for Gold & Grae came to me when I realized just how much time I was spending visiting various websites and local boutiques trying to find the perfect clothes for going out on weekends, workdays, errands with kids, and just for everyday life, doing all the things. 

So I set out to create a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs that can take you from work to wherever, all without breaking the bank in the process! 

I gear towards a southern, traditional style but with a fun and trendy twist! I also enjoy the hunt for those perfect items of clothing that every woman is looking for but might not know it until she sees it!

Another thing that compelled me to create Gold & Grae is that I am a people person and I love interacting with my customers. It makes me so happy to see pictures of my customers enjoying their purchases from Gold & Grae. I love making people happy and a woman is always happiest when she is looking her best!

Driven by my love for women’s fashion, Gold & Grae is here to bring women a well-rounded collection of classics, elevated basics and unique finds, so that you can have everything you could possibly need and want. 

Come and explore the Gold & Grae collection and create your own well-curated closet today!

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